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SamurAI Coding 2020–21 Final Round Rules

February 4th, 2021
IPSJ Programming Contest Committee

This document states the rules of the final round tournaments of SamurAI Coding 2020–21.


The final round tournament is organized as a single-elimination knockout tournament with 16 participating teams, with an additional third-place playoff.

Each of the tournament matches consists of two games on the same game field exchanging the initial positions of the agents. When the match is a draw, an extra match with a different game field is played. When the extra match is a draw again, the team seeded higher will proceed.

The tournament is conducted as shown in the bracket on the right. The numbers in squares are the seeding ranks of the participating teams.

Game Fields

The game field for each match of the final round is picked among those listed in the web page of the contest before the preliminary round, after altering the positions and amounts of hidden treasures.

The game fields satisfy the following.


Seeding is based on team ranks resulting from the preliminary round tournament. When more than one team is ranked the same, the seed order is decided by drawing lots.